Crystal Tiehen

Hello lovely,


On this entrepreneurial journey I did not ever see myself selling a product line.
But, we all know the universe has a way of manifesting opportunities we did not ever even imagine right into our reality...sometimes before we ever even have time to blink.


I have always dibbled and dabbled in the furniture flipping/decor and taking old to new. Heck I even refurbed chandeliers.

When I reflect back on what this dabbling would do for me I am in AWWWWWW!!

I had no idea the depth of creativity I possessed until I really allowed myself to explore this part of me and all the emotions that encompass it.

I remember when I was married to my ex-husband I would escape to the basement after an emotional lashing and just sit in front of the piece I had just purchased off of craig's list or picked up at a local garage sale. I would marvel at all the paint and product I bought for the project and still only just sit there for hours holding my paint brush.

Believe it or not the action of just holding the brush in my hand gave me a sense of clarity in an otherwise desert of destitute in my mind.

So I would have everything I needed and start the prep work...It would take me weeks to finish this. One, because this was like a form of meditation (didnt know it at the time) and Two, because I always would beat myself up with my laundry of thoughts. 


I would get another idea in the middle of the project and go out and buy another product because I did not know how to let the creation open into itself.

I always wanted to control and compete with myself so that I would stay numb to my feelings.

I would take much more needed time to get a piece done because I was so scattered in my own mind, but the creativity of furniture flipping and turning old to new never stopped nudging me to keep going with my scattered ideas and all.

This was the season of my life where my creativity was tapped into our of desperation. I was grasping for any bit of sanctuary I could find in a mind of collective trauma. 


I would spend hours down there and when I finally finished a piece it felt like I had just conquered Mt Everest!

So I now see the significance of what the Universe/GOD has been harnessing. It hit me so profoundly today with a great release of a cry session as I was sitting on my deck writing my morning papers.

All of these experiences intertwined in the Hell I endured have been nurturing me into alignment of sharing my energy of what creativity has shown me about myself.

Retique It has the energy of that significance and sharing it with all of you is sharing my energy of hope that everything evolves and everything happens for a reason.

No matter what season of your life you are experiencing as you move through it much is revealed!

So after crossing all the t's and dotting all the I's I am so excited and humbled to announce that I am now the proud owner of my creativity! 


And the online franchise of Crystaline Your Life for the line of Retique It.

Please check out for yourself the innovation and ease this will bring to any project practical and creative alike.

Think of the possibilities!!!

And don't ever give up on yourself you are being nurtured for so much greatness!!!


To your creativity and expansion,

Crystal Tiehen